RadioLux 111

- precise and handy luxmeter and radiometer in one instrument
- autoranging from 0,01 lx to 360 klx
- unique compensation of temperature errors and temperature display
- available as luxmeter class C, B, A and L and with special photometer heads
- can be remote-controlled with a bluetooth adapter
- extremely wide application area

Data sheet RadioLux 111

Photometer/Radiometer 211

- universal and portable precision tabletop unit
- storable calibration factors for up to 7 sensors
- battery supplied
- autoranging from 1 mlx (0,1 lx) to 200 klx
- available as laboratory standard photocurrent meter
- up to 4 parallel channels
- user calibration facility for all laboratory applications
- precision instrument for the measurement of UV-radiation
- measurement of radiant power of tunable lasers

Data sheet Photometer/Radiometer 211

Photometer Heads

- excellent V(λ)-matching with the full-filtering method
- excellent spatial evaluation (cosine correction)
- insensitive to illuminance variations across detecor surface
- small dimensions, especially of acceptance
- high sensitivity
- scotopic filters
- E0, Ez, Ezh, E sensors

Data sheet Photometer Heads

Daylight Photometer Heads

- Measurement of illuminance created by outdoor daylight
- Measurement of global illuminance on horizontal and vertical planes
- Measurement of horizontal illuminance by skylight only, with a shadow ring
- Measurement of direct sun illuminance with a sun tracker

Data sheet Daylight Photometer Heads

Multi-Channel Photometer

- precise photocurrent to voltage vonverter for parallel measurement of illuminance
- simultaneous data acquisition with up to 30 channels

Data sheet Multichannel